rescue protective suit

rescue protective suit

Saviour Urban and Research Rescue Body Protection Coveralls Boiler Suits are made up Cotton with polymer membrane FR properties finishing ARC Rating.

Jacket and trousersEN :XfXrY Z TECHNICAL RESCUEProtective suitDesigned for technical rescue andwildland fire fighting.

of emergency protective gear, PPE, and turnout gear for first responders and involved in Emergency Medical Services (EMS), technical rescue, and now, fire

The decision and selection of the right protective suit is not a choice about a of supplying both chemical protective suits and diving suits for Fire Rescue

For professional workers, however clothing contributes to their personal health and safety as it protects them from the hazardous environment in which they

Dec Rescuer safety and protection keys to technical rescue protective clothingThe days of the 'one suit fits all' PPE policy are rapidly disappearing.

Fire Dex manufactures multiple lines of function specific Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for every fire rescue scenarioOffering gear that is certified to

Protective Clothing PPE Fire FightersEN Fire MSA F X TREM Multifunctional Rescue Wildland Fire Helmet NOMEX Gold Structural Fire Suit.