special finishing for textiles

special finishing for textiles

Jun Subject:Home Science Paper: Textile colouration and finishes.

Textile Textile Textile finishing processes: The term finishing includes all the a term also applied to the permanent setting of pleats, creases, and special

Feb Functional finishesSpecial finishes imparted to fabrics, keeping the functional use of the fabric is known as special or functional finishes.

Special finishes for natural fibers[edit]Bio polishing removes the protruding fibers of fabric with the action of an

Jun Special finishes are done on textile materials to enable it to use for special purposes such as the finishing of fabrics with flame retardants can

Sep Special finishes are done on textile materials to enable it to use for special purposes such as the finishing of fabrics with flame retardants can

Finishes can be applied to fabrics to meet special needsA fabric finishing company is one that specializes in treating fabrics prior to their construction into

May Pressing: Used to iron the fabricEmbossing: special Calendering is intended to mark a pattern of brightness contrast mate in the tissue surface.

Most of these finishes are used only on woven fabrics and create a change in the texture of the surface and hand of the fabricExamples of these special texture

Mechanical finishingThere are several mechanical finishes to improve appearance and texture: brushing fabric is sent through a series of

Antimicrobial finishing is one of the special types of finishing given to the textiles where the chances of bacterial growth are high and the safety is paramount.

This paper represents a general overview of all value addition functional finishes on textile materialKeywords: Finishing, Mechanical, Thermo, Chemical, Special,

LIST OF FABRIC FINISHESAcid washA process of washing fabric with pumice stone soaked in special chemicals (a bleach solution, not acid) to change the

Apr Types of Fabric Finishing and Treatment Processes · Mending and Burling · Washing and Drying · Stabilizing · Coating and Glazing.

Textile finishing Textile finishing processes comprise washing, bleaching, dyeing and coating, as applied to bulk textiles or garments following weaving

Feb Different types of fabric finishes SandingMechanical abrading is used whereby the fabric is passed, dry, over a series of rollers covered with

enumerate special finishes and explain the ways of employing them A series of treatments are given in mills to finish textiles goods, for example: a fabric is.

Aug Permanent or temporary changes in surface pattern and luster of fabrics can be achieved through a variety of finishing techniques.

All these technologies are distinct from conventional finishes in that they impart special functionalities to textile surfaces by bringing about modifications at micro.

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