x - ray protective clothing

x - ray protective clothing

Storage: Please use specific clothes hangers or suitable hanging systemsUnder no circumstances should the X ray protective clothing be folded, hung over

equipment (PPE) is a category of objects designed to shield an individual person who wears it from injury, infection and other hazards (e.gionizing radiation).

Protective clothing worn by radiographers contains lead and often other metals (e.g tin, tungsten, antimony, barium) to shield the wearer from radiationThese

Section of OReg requires that a worker who supports, positions or restrains a patient or resident in a health care facility during an x ray

DLC range of protective equipment is ideal for all practisesWe have a range of products to select from including full aprons, xray hand shields, xray protective

Size of adult X ray apron is xmmIt has collarLead protection mm and weight is kg.