glossary of firefighting equipment

glossary of firefighting equipment

Ladder A fire truck that has an extension ladder, carries certain firefighting equipment and can be set up to flow large quantities of water from an elevated

Aerial fire apparatusA fire truck equipped with an aerial ladder that brings firefighters, water or equipment to higher levels, and also provides a means of escape

technical equipment designed to rescue people and protect valuable goods and natural resources from fireThe basic apparatus are fire trucks, fire fighting

nature () centralized dispatch center for interpreting alarms and dispatching resources Apparatus: A term usually used by firefighters describing a department

Firefighting Resources: All people and major items of equipment that can or potentially could be assigned to firesFlame Height: The average maximum vertical

Nov see: Firefighting Technology Implementation Program Inclusive term applied to equipment designed to ignite wildland fuels from an aircraft.


Apparatus: A term usually used by firefighters describing a piece of mobile firefighting equipment, such as a pumper, a tanker, a ladder truck, etcArson: the crime

GlossaryTerminology used in this manual is as generic as possible, just as it is in the standards of the National Fire Protection Association and the International

Aerial Firefighting: Use of aircraft in support of ground resources to combat firesAir Drop: Delivery of water supplies with or without fire retardant from the air.

Also referred to as a red lineBooster Tank The built in tank on a pumper or quint that supplies booster lines and hand lines at a fire until a connection with a water

Hose jetsThese hoses are more powerful than the hose reels and pass larger quantities of waterThey need two firefighters to operate them as they are so

Anti Flash Gear, Special gloves and a hood which protect firefighters in fires that involve explosivesCompulsory BA gear from series due to law changes and

It takes several firefighters to raise this ladderThese are sometimes used when a structure is inaccessible by aerial apparatusThey are very resource intensive

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Fire fighting equipment includes not only fire hoses and fire extinguishers but also fire resistant protective clothing, fire resistant gloves, respirators, and

Glossary of firefighting equipmentAttack hose: (Attack Line) A use classification of a fire fighting hose connected to output of a pump or other pressure source

Inclusive term applied to equipment designed to ignite wildland fuels from an The term as used in National Fire Protection Association standards means

Glossary of CFS termsBulk Water Carrier A large tanker used for replenishing a fire fighting tankerBushfire CABA Compressed Air Breathing Apparatus.