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Why wear a BLAAX timepiece?

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In days gone by the standard way to stand out in the crowd was to create a statement by wearing something so loud and colourful or something so different that a passer by didn’t have a choice but to look twice at you.

Times have changed…. 

BLAAX Watches & Accessories have taken the art of wrist wear by storm with their minimalist style and design, their watches ooze sophistication with minimal effort, they scream class without even trying and they compliment any outfit from casual streetwear to formal business wear, BLAAX have stamped their authority on this ever changing market and have redefined the industries way of making a statement!

The point of difference of a BLAAX timepiece is their ‘Large Face Design’. The minimal style complimented with the large face marries together perfectly.

BLAAX offer a 48mm face Unisex range (http://blaax.com.au/48mm-watches/) which is the largest face available. This includes the popular designs: The Blackout, The Bondi Tan and The Trophy. This range is more commonly purchased by males who are looking to create that statement with their timepiece, although this has been becoming an increasingly popular choice by females who are not afraid to wear a large face style.

They also offer a 44mm face Unisex range (http://blaax.com.au/44mm-watches/) with 7 styles available, including: The Midnight Rose, The White Rose, The Black Rose, The Baby Bondi, The Miami Tan, The Denim and The Summer Tan, do not by fooled by the smaller 44mm Face as this still effortlessly portrays the same minimalist big face style that BLAAX is famous for!

To be honest the first time I unveiled my ‘Bondi Tan’ (as shown below) timepiece from its perfect box, I was taken aback by how big the face was, and was worried how it would fit on my wrist, but the second I tried it on, it created a statement unlike any other watch I have worn, it makes you question why all watches have such small faces. 

BLAAX have created their own unique style that simply can not be ignored, in an age of big screens, smart watches, smart phones and calorie counting wrist wear, somewhere along the way the art of fashion has been lost, BLAAX has reconnected with the art of minimalism and analogue display’s and taken us back to a time that was easier and more simple. The unique style of every single timepiece is a breath of fresh air to the flooded technological world that we live in.

No details have been missed, even their crown is specifically placed lower on the face to eliminate rubbing on the wrist which is far too common with larger face watches. With a generous 10 unique styles available, there is a colour combination to suit everyone, I highly recommend getting your BLAAX on today! 10/10


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