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Top 5 tips to a Minimalist styled life - Jenna Flood

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With the introduction of decluttering by Marie Kondo and the recent trend of Hygge, minimalist living has been on the rise. Although it can have different meanings to different people, it generally means living a simplistic lifestyle. Below are my tips to help you style your life in a minimalistic way ...

1. Minimal Décor | Clean, simple décor with crisp whites, strong blacks and soft touches of grey are key to nailing the look. Think clean bed linens with soft, plump pillows in textured grey and white tones. Texture is a great way to add interest to a neutral colour scheme, fake lambs skin throws, wood grain and marble textures all work. Colour can still be used, but keep it simple in cool, soft tones such as blush pinks or soft golds.

2. Neutral Wardrobe | Keeping your wardrobe to a simple colour pattern can help you get dressed so much easier in the morning. Outfits will naturally come together as your wardrobe has less pieces and colours that don't match. Also, think about creating a capsule wardrobe, this means having your favourite basics and most worn pieces in your wardrobe with out all the clutter of other pieces. It helps even more to create great minimal outfits.

3. Minimal Accessories | The key to keeping it simple but stylish with accessories is just to feature one standout accessory - such as a watch - and keep the rest minimal. A standout watch combined with some gold or silver minimal rings stacked on only a few fingers gives a sleek styled look to an outfit. Another tip is to take a colour from your key accessory, say the rose gold frame from the Pink Rose BLAAX watch, and feature it in with your earrings. This way your look blends perfectly without looking too matchy! Not really a earring or ring person? A slim rose gold bracelet adds interest but doesn't take away from the over all style. 

4. Quality over quantity | If you can, try and invest in quality fabrics and garments. Fabrics like leather, linen and silk can last longer and look better!

5. Clutter Free | Keep your space clutter free by removing all the things you no longer use or need. By keeping excess to a minimum, you can keep your space looking neat and have more time for things you enjoy. If you can't bare to throw it out, maybe donate it to a charity or display it in way that brings you joy.

For further tips and advice, head to my website ironicminimalist and don't forget to check out the full range of Minimal Watches by BLAAX.

Jenna Flood | Ironic Minimalist

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