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The Rise of The Unisex Watch - Debby Vilensky

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We’re all a bunch of sharers – on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest to name a few. We take selfies, pics of our food, our outfits – and if we’re happy to share all this, why not share a watch with the opposite sex? It’s twice the options of watches and it makes perfect sense to me. 

The big face watch is a statement piece and works a treat on any wrist. Why stop there, I mean you can accessorise to make it your own. A leather band for a man or anything from delicate jewellery to bangles for the ladies. 

While we’re on the topic of unisex pieces, let’s take this further. 

Ladies, grab a man’s t-shirt, twist it into a knot at the bottom and bam – a new outfit. The oversized t-shirt is another effortless look and perhaps you can shop for one in the wardrobe of your partner, husband or brother. Pair it with boots or sneakers, a fashion watch to accessorise and add a belt to give yourself a waist or leave it loose and there’s outfit number two. 

The white shirt is a wardrobe staple so if you take one from his section, tuck it in for that oversized, big, beautiful look, add heels, some earrings a big faced watch and you’re looking good. 

I know these style tips have so far been one sided, but men if you like your shirts tighter or are totally digging is the pair of sneakers or brogues in the women’s section, do your own thing, wear it and own it. No salesperson will really knock back a sale. 

Whatever you wear, it’s all about feeling good and of course a big faced unisex watch will tip the outfit scale to sensational.

For more style tips and advice check out my page HERE otherwise SHOP the full range of BLAAX watches HERE and make sure you check out my personal favorite, Shadow!

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