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The Making Of BLAAX....

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"Time is precious, Waste it wisely"

Is the one quote that got the BLAAX dream kickstarted!

Business partners Brock and Chayce had a dream of creating something that made a difference to their everyday life. Most people dream of making money or making a living doing something that they enjoy and that they love, this certainly was an attractive scenario for them, but they had a dream of so much more....

Both running their own separate Personal Training businesses out of the same gym in Adelaide, they connected immediately both being born in country SA having very similar dreams, goals and aspirations.

Brock being an aspiring and already successful entrepreneur, he taught Chayce the ins and outs of business, Chayce with his background in Graphic Design and an eye for detail it seemed like the perfect fit, so after several coffee's, brainstorming sessions and sleepless nights BLAAX was born. 

BIG FACE Timepieces was the point of difference that they needed in this market, their idea was to create classy wrist wear that men or women can enjoy while being so simplistic yet creating such a statement, BLAAX was born from the desire to create a product that embraces the art of minimalism and the idea that the most simple of items can portray a limitless amount of class.

"Time is precious, Waste it wisely": the tagline that created an idea, this simple quote inspired the duo to create Watches and Accessories that expressed a style that is so simple, yet so effective!


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