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There is an abundancy of reasons why everyone is traveling these days. It’s a chance to get outside your comfort zone and come across new cultures and people to meet. Though tasting exotic and local foods, as well as discovering the world’s history, adapting your style to the destination is essential.

Ranging in styles, BLAAX timepieces can be your traveling style piece around the globe, from Europe to Asia. Below is your guide to some must stop destinations and how our range can step up your international flair game, whether you are trekking, touring or flying high.


Built with 3000 years of influential and breathtaking art, architecture and culture, Hawker is a perfect match to Italy’s capital of Rome. Hawker’s colourway of the brown leather band and the brush gold case reflects the city’s almighty landmarks such as the Colosseum and the Trevi Fountain. From our mostly sold out Minimal collection, Hawker is currently on sale.

Hawker leather timepieceHawker leather timepiece


‘The City of a Hundred Spires’, Prague is beloved for it’s gothic landmarks, particularly it’s Medieval Astronomical Clock, proving Chapel as the best fit for the city. With a timeless and classic monochrome colour palette, explore the Czech Republic’s capital while looking smart and blending in with the locals.

Chapel black and white timepieceChapel black and white timepiece


The cherry blossom season arrives in Tokyo in April, lacing some parts on the city in pink. Rock White Rose as some stunning wrist candy in the city of Harajuku fashion and traditional fashion becomes one. With a genuine white leather band and a rose gold case, as well as markings, this piece will go well with a white sweater and skirt in the region’s cool Spring season.

White rose leather timepieceWhite rose leather timepiece


Dance and dine by the shore in Honolulu with Manly. The land of crystal blue beaches, tonnes of local food to try and world-known surf hotspots, the tan and white piece, like all BLAAX timepieces, is water resistant up to 30 metres, allowing you to pull any outfit together, in and out of the tide.


Located on the southeast coast of the Persian Gulf, Dubai is the place to feel luxurious within the towering skyscrapers and the plentiful tax-free shopping malls. With a 48mm matte black case and face with gold touches, Blackout can add a touch of class to your outfit.

Prior to planning out your next trip, make sure to pick and pack a BLAAX timepiece that is a trendy, yet well-planned accessory. With the use of endurable materials, our watches and accessories can be with you through your lifelong adventures and with new releases in the making, we are always on top of the latest universal trends.

As the holiday season is approaching and everyone is starting to daydream about trips to take in the new year, what is your next journey and what BLAAX timepiece would be the perfect match? Comment below!

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