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Make a Big Face Statement

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What we wear can say a lot about who we are, and as our confidence in our own style grows, the statements we make with what we wear grows larger and louder.

Accessories are no exception to this; earrings are getting bigger, necklaces, ties, and sunglasses, anything it seems designed to complement your outfit is getting bigger.

Bondi Tan

What does wearing a big face watch say about you?
For men, the big face watch has been a staple in the dapper gentleman’s wardrobe for some time. A symbol of class and elegance, a big face represents affluence and purpose, it says I have a place to be and I need to be there on time.

The big face watch however is rapidly gaining ground as a staple in the wardrobe of the fashion forward woman, with big names like Kim K and Rhianna unafraid to flash a big face on their wrist!
So what’s the key to pulling off a big face timepiece?
What was once a statement of class and sophistication for a man, it is now a real head turner on a woman’s wrist, it says;
'I'm woman enough to wear this and still look feminine and beautiful’
It becomes a symbol of power and prestige!
BLAAX's line of 48mm timepieces is the perfect option for men and women looking to introduce a big face watch to their wardrobe.
A Sleek design, with clean lines and a minimalist face, BLAAX offers multiple designs to suit your taste and style.

For the woman leading the way in her field try pairing the New York with a black jumpsuit and leather jacket, include silver and metal accessories to add a clean modern touch.
For the gentleman trying to stay slick while taking some time to off, try the Brooklyn and pair it with a white linen shirt, jeans and brown leather sandals.
You can check out the full range of Classic 48mm watches HERE!
New York
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