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When travelers think of Australia, one of the first things they think about is the land of some the best beaches in the world.

You may have heard about Bondi with deep blue waters that inspired tech legend Steve Jobs and of course, the hipster culture that surrounds Byron Bay… But what about the hidden little gems, that are secluded and waiting to be discovered!

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With Spring well and truly here, and Summer just around the corner, here are our top 5 beaches, which will allow you to have some fun in the sun, and discover a different side to beachin’ it in AUS!

  1. Camp Cove of New South Wales made for the adventure-lover. Enjoy the calm waters perfect for kayaking, paddle-boarding and scuba-diving while overlooking the beautiful skyline of Sydney’s CBD.
  2. Part of tropical North Queensland, Etty Bay offers an unlikely mix of warm-waters all year round and roaming cassowaries. Just take this advice wisely: Admire the dinosaur-like birds from afar!
  3. Nestled between rolling hills, Second Valley in South Australia is a rising hotspot for camping and those in need for Instagram-worthy memories.
  4. Stroll down from Thomson Bay and feast your eyes on the real-life postcard landscape of Pinky Beach of Western Australia. Underneath the Bathurst Point Lighthouse, the white sands can be all for you due to its exclusive and in-the-know nature.
  5. Where the forest meets the ocean, Johanna Beach in Victoria is a surfer’s paradise and an angler’s dream. Jump on the Great Ocean Road and cruise down explore the hidden treasure.

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    There you have it, our top 5! Now it’s your turn to Explore, discover and enjoy the summer ahead … and don’t forget, with all new adventures you need a trusted go to timepiece to keep track of the day!

    So, why not check out our full range of timepieces today, they’re all 30 meters water resistant and will be sure to keep you stylish in and out of the tide!

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    Water resistant leather watches

    Water resistant leather watches

    Water resistant leather watches

    If you agree with our top 5, or have a top 5 of your own, let us know below in the comments!

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