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We all talk about taking our look from day to night whether that be our clothes or makeup.

I mean who doesn’t want simplicity – add a different jacket, take off your tie, replace the work tote with a cute clutch, switch up the shoes, put on some red lippie.

But why do we overlook accessories? This can do just as much to switch up a look and take it to the next level, than anything else.

And no accessory stands out better than a watch!

The big face watches like you see throughout the BLAAX range are statement pieces in their own right, regardless of whether you go for a more classic style with Shadow or Eclipse or opt for the Pink Rose timepiece.

Pink RoseIf you’re wearing a shirt, roll up your sleeve and let your watch show. The same can be done with your jacket to show off what’s on your wrist.


You spend your hard earned on something you love, so I ask why don’t you want to show it off? The simple things can make the best statement.

But if simplicity isn’t your thing and you’re thinking go bold or go home, then these ideas are for you.

I am a big fan of accessory stacking.

For the ladies, add a bracelet or bangle to the wrist you’re wearing your watch on to get people noticing. It doesn’t have to be big or brash in terms of bright colours but layering accessories definitely attracts attention.

For men, I love the leather wrap. It’s classic and has that rugged look. Adding something simple yet masculine and cool will have an impact.

Another option for accessorising is the NEW BLAAX Onyx Bracelets. They come in Gold and Black and Rose Gold and Marble and by adding either one, it will be a seamless addition to your watch.


Shop the full range today and be accessory ready today HERE! For all your fashion advice, check out my personal Blog HERE!

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